Hong Kong as a perfect place to launch a startup

Good Lab member Steve Forte and Paul Orlando was recently interviewed by The Next Web on lessons learned in doing the AcceleratorHK program. It was a juicy interview with lots of sparks of insight to the startup scene in Hong Kong.

One of our favourite question is why Hong Kong is a great pick for people who want to launch a startup. Paul and Steve have some insights to share in the interview.

Enjoy it here 🙂

Hong Kong lightshow, from Solo Roamer/flickr

Below is the question and answer quoted from The Next Web.

> TNW: In what ways did the Hong Kong location contribute to the success of the accelerator? How has the region’s tech scene been developing over the past few months?

> SF: Hong Kong is the perfect place to come and validate your mobile app for several reasons. First, this place is mobile crazy: with seven mobile phone providers, almost 200% mobile phone penetration, Facebook’s largest market per capita, Hong Kong is a mobile paradise. You want to find a place where 85-year-olds use smartphones? Hong Kong. What about 8-years-olds? Hong Kong. Taxi drivers? Hong Kong. And everything in between. Second, the small size of the market, proximity to the huge Chinese market, and bilingual and cosmopolitan population force you to think global from the start. This does not happen in Silicon Valley, their idea of “going global” is to target New York.

> The tech scene over the past 6 months or so has exploded in both Hong Kong and the surrounding region. There are twice as many events and programs as there were before.

> PO: I came back to Hong Kong (where I had previously worked) from New York only last summer. The interesting thing for me has been how much Hong Kong reminds me of the New York startup community circa 2008 or 2009. I see a lot of the same developments – more people choosing to follow their passion, getting out there to test ideas, finding others to work with. I’ve been amazed at how quickly things are growing here.

> One of the benefits of Hong Kong that people who haven’t lived or worked here might not know is that it’s an incredibly social place where the average person likes to connect you with others. That means that it can be easier to get things going here in less time than elsewhere. Also, since Hong Kong is a place with a lot of people from all over the world, startups here often start thinking global quite early on.




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