TEDxHappyValley photo recap

Last Saturday, we had the great pleasure of hosting TEDxHappyValley at Good Lab. It was an independently organized TEDx event with the theme “Radical Resilience” featuring speakers from urban gardener, to film maker, to epidemiologist, to activist, to authors, all stories are delivered in the 18-minute TED talk format, and was recorded live. The talks will be available on YouTube in a couple of weeks. Good Lab member Pui-Kwan Chu was also one of the speakers. Please scroll below to see some of the pictures from the event 🙂

finding meaning in life, a talk by Alex Pattakos

talk by urban gardener Pui-Kwan Chu

the “Rocket to Roses" artist

conversation flows in the air

you see the roses?

time for sweets!

bar attender from Ginko House

the cheerful team



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