members night recap (May 2013)

Every month, Good Lab will organize a members night at the beginning of the month. We invite all members to come and share with us and with each other what they are up to and how they could participate in the community. Here’s a recap of the members night event on May 4th. It was a memorable evening with lots of good food, and good conversations.

Good Lab 每個月都會舉辦一次會員聚會活動,通常在月初舉行。我們會邀請所有的會員參加,到現場和大家分享他們正在做的項目,以及他們希望和Good Lab社羣裏的其他人產生何種互動。以下是5月4號會員聚會的簡要回顧,希望大家喜歡。

members night 活動全景圖

Tim Chan King To, a social-minded banker, introducing himself

Jenny So introducing her needle art project

Vincent Wong 是Good Lab董事之一,也是“言論自由行”之創辦人。他在members night也簡單介紹了他的這個新項目及其所體現的“解困新聞學”之本質。

Vincent Wong is one of the directors at Good Lab, he is also founder of Solutions on Wheels, a solution journalism group in Hong Kong. He introduced the concept of solution journalism at members night and talked about the public perception of media in Hong Kong.

Kimho Ip talking about different cultural perceptions in Germany and in China


Lee Chi Man talking about his obsession with old bicycles and his plan to revive the forgotten part and past of Hong Kong through slow rides.

Ben Lau 介紹他正在做的一個項目,他希望將 3D 打印的技術帶到香港的中小學,讓學生重新學會動手的能力。

Ben Lau talks about bringing affordable 3D printers to primary and middle schools in Hong Kong to foster a renaissance in making.


Chu Pui-kwan, an urban farmer, talking about the importance of growing your own food

Jeanne Lambin is leading an improv

conversation keeps going after the sharing session…


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