First Open Data Hackathon in Hong Kong

Last week, the White House release a policy mandate calling for all US Federal agencies to release their data in open accessible formats. This signals an important step in the opening up of government data.

But what about Hong Kong?

Though still many years behind its counterparts, the Open Data movement in Hong Kong is taking shape. First there was the open data sessions at the BarCamp event earlier in February, a small group of open data enthusiasts got to know each other at that event and together they launched OpenDataHK, a community portal for open data related events and resources.

(photo from the OpenDataHK facebook page)

This coming weekend, the first ever Open Data hackathon in Hong Kong will take place at Good Lab. Developers, designers and policy advocates will come together and make some amazing apps from publicly released government data. They will also try to find ways to push the government to take the extra step and be more forward-thinking in terms of opening up its data.

Check out the Open Knowledge Foundation website and learn more about open data!

香港首屆開放數據編程活動即將於本週在 Good Lab 舉行,此活動旨在鼓勵大家利用政府公佈的開放數據,開發出方便民生的手機應用程式,同時亦希望借此契機,通過相關政策探討,找到適合香港的開放數據之路。假如你是程式設計師、交互體驗設計師或者關心政府相關開放數據政策的公民,歡迎週二晚上參加Open Data Catalyst活動瞭解詳情,更歡迎大家報名參加週末的hackathon


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