Good Lab member interview: Bridge21

Rebecca Lombardi and Chi Wai Li are both from a print and digital publishing company called Bridge21. Recently we had lunch with them and they shared some of their work and life stories. Enjoy it below.

Everyone is talking about China

GL: What is Bridge21?

R & C: We are a publishing company with a focus on East Asian scholarship in the social science and humanities. So basically we find books written in by Chinese or East Asian scholars, often in Chinese, that would be of interest to the English-speaking world, we find people to translate, polish, and refine these works into English, and publish them in both the print and electronic format.

GL: Why China?

R & C: Well, these days people in the United States and around the world are getting very interested in China. For many Americans, China is still sort of a mystery, and in the academic world lots of people write about Asia, but there is little recognized scholarship generated from China and East Asia. So part of the Bridge21mission is to make the enable Chinese voices to be a part of the international conversation about social sciences and be heard outside of China.

digital publishing & distribution made easy

GL: What is the most distinctive thing about Bridge21?

R & C: Our focus on and dedication to quality social science manuscripts. Most publishers are focusing on hard sciences because it is much more profitable. We also make the publishing process really easy for Chinese publishers and authors. When a manuscript is submitted we will vet it personal and may have it reviewed by by our international board. If we accept it, then the book will go to the editing and publishing process for which we will take care of all the backend stuff, namely, revising and polishing, design, layout, and printing. Also all the books that are published on our platform will be available in multiple digital formats, like PDF & mobi, so people could read them on any device they have.

GL: Any good books you have published that you want to recommend to our readers?

R & C: Well we are a very young startup, and right now we have just two books published, but many more are in the pipeline. Our first release is on the history of higher education in China, and we are really excited about it. We are in discussions with academics in Hong Kong and mainland China, and will continue to acquire new works. Right now we have five scheduled for next spring, 3 of which are part of our series Creative Industries in East Asia series. You could find out about these books and planned books here:

passion for health & life beyond publishing

GL: Apart from your day job, what inspires you in your part-time?

Rebecca: I am very into healthy living and lifestyle. I love making healthy snacks, and introducing them to people so they know they can have a tasty, healthy alternative to the delicious-but-not-nutritious options that are found in 7-eleven and other snack shops. I’m working on a recipe book and making simple how-to videos. From time to time I’ll make new recipes and will invite Good Lab members to come have a taste (ask for their feedback!). I also practice and teach kundalini yoga (if people are interested, I’d love to lead a lunch time class sometime at the Good Lab).

Chi: I am very much into sports. I am trying to keep my eating and living habits healthy, rather than cramming away code in front of a computer screen all day. You will often find me stretching or doing quick workouts at the Good Lab, I find these mini-breaks are great for staying fresh and focused, benefiting both mind and body.

Although I am a self-proclaimed geek, I hate sitting in front of a computer all day. I like to keep active with various sports, often you will find me stretching or doing quick workouts at the Good Lab, I find these mini-breaks are great for staying fresh and focused. I’m also the founder of, a website dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in Hong Kong, a platform that enables you to search for fun and exciting physical activities HK in Hong Kong.


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