Found at Good Lab series (001): The Other Hundred

Did you ever notice some of the objects at Good Lab? A book? A flower? A lamp? A coffee mug? or what about the chair that you are sitting on?

In fact, many of these objects at Good Lab have their unique stories. They are there for you to discover. and we are happy to reveal their stories to you with this blog series called “Found at Good Lab”. Check back each weekday for updates!

Found in a bookshelf at Good Lab, The Other Hundred is a book of photography work curated by Chandran Nair. It is a beautiful book with photos of everyday people taken in different parts of the world.

The blurb in this book captures the spirit of this project quite nicely:

Selected from 11,000 images shot in 158 countries and submitted by nearly 1,500 photographers, The Other Hundred celebrates those who will never find themselves on the world’s rich lists or celebrity websites.

Its 100 photo-stories move beyond the stereotypes and cliches that fill so much of the world’s media to explore the lives of people whose aspirations and achievements are at least as noteworthy as any number of the world’s richest 1,000.

Learn more about the project from their website.

大家新年好!我們從今天起將爲大家帶來「發現Good Lab」系列,帶大家去瞭解Good Lab的不同角落裏所隱藏的故事。

Good Lab的每個角落都有一些非常值得被發掘的故事。我們從這個星期開始,將帶大家透過一個個的物件,去瞭解這裏的點滴與瑣碎。

歡迎關注我們的 發現 Good Lab 系列故事 🙂

上面這張圖是在Good Lab的書架上找到的一本書的封面,講述的是一百個來自世界各地的普通人的生命故事。他們不是什麼名人顯要,但正如書的夾頁裏所寫:






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