Found at Good Lab series (002): Wooden Puppies

There is a lot of pallets discarded everywhere in Hong Kong, the chance of finding it may be even higher than a tree. The bold and unconstrained texture of the pallet is unique. By using this recycled material, either by Chinese joining techniques or DIY furniture style, animal-like cartoon sculptures are created. Not only embodying the mixed-cultural spirit in Hong Kong, the way of my observation, learning experience and trial among toys, cartoons, spaces and structures can also be revealed.

The above is a quote from the homepage of Wong Tin Yan, a Hong Kong artist who specialize in upcycling. He has been upcycling pallets found in the street and turned them into cartoon characters. You could even find two puppies made by him at Good Lab. Learn more about Wong and his work here.



在2012年的夏天,位於坪石的香港視覺藝術院啟德古蹟校園正面臨被政府加租的命運,浸會大學欲放棄古蹟校園,視藝院學生和校友大力反對,發起「藝術救藝術」仲夏拍賣會,王天仁慷慨捐出了這三只小狗雕塑,Ada覺得小狗與Good Lab很合襯,也希望支持視藝院同學,因此就把它們買下來,放置在Good Lab。

看到可愛的小狗,是否想和他們來一次親密接觸?不如找時間來Good Lab探一下它們吧。


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