Found at Good Lab series 006: Purple Lunch

What would be better than a purple lunch cooked and enjoyed with friends in this cold weather?

Our member Rebecca started a call for a Purple Potluck at Good Lab last week. the response has been very positive. Del brought in her home-made purple cakes, and Ah Cheong cooked some purple rice on site, and there is also the sweet potato mash made from Rebecca. Check them out below!

More themed lunch sessions to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Yummy purple dishes



我們的會員Rebecca上週發起了「紫色盛宴」午餐聚會,得到了多位Good Lab會員的響應。Del帶來了她在家裏做的紫薯蛋糕,阿昌則現場烹調紫薯飯,還有Rebecca做的紫色番薯蓉。超好吃的!

聽Rebecca說還有打算往後繼續搞這樣的色彩午宴。Good Lab會員千萬不要錯過啦!

Purple heroes


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