The power of photography


今天在 Good Lab@Prince 撞到了我們的新會員 Mario Hon,跟他聊了幾句,發現他做的攝影課程頗有意思,旨在希望通過簡單的攝影工作坊,幫助參加者學會從不一樣的角度看待週遭的人和事,並且從中得到一些樂趣。

如欲瞭解更多,可以瀏覽Mario的攝影課程網站:OC Education

Many people think of photography as a simple act of pushing a button, but in my mind, photography could help us gain fresh perspectives in ourselves and in our life.

That’s what i learned from Mario Hon, a new member of Good Lab. He is organizing different photography workshops for schools and corporates, to help people see themselves and see the world differently.

Learn more about his project here.



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