Design for changing needs workshop

The world around us is constantly evolving. This reflects in changing human and social behavior as well as in economic and environmental change. People these days are looking for meaning. They use things for profound emotional, psychological, and sociocultural reasons as well as utilitarian ones.

Organizations can see rapid changes in consumer expectations that have the potential to open up new markets. However, most organizations cannot adapt their existing infrastructure rapidly enough to meet changing demands in the market place. The greater the gap between the current infrastructure of a given business or industry and the changing needs of its customers, the greater the value of design for that business.

Rather than simply considering a product and how customers will use it, one has to be conscious of the fact that people ultimately need each of their analytical, emotional, and physical needs met. Central to this is empathy — the ability to see the world through other people’s eyes.

On 26 June, we will organize a Design for Changing Needs workshop. Through this workshop, the facilitators will like to demonstrate how empathetic design is being used to cater to the changing needs of this world and create a greater impact. By the end of the workshop, you will have a better understanding of what design is and how it can lead to a sustainable growth by understanding and translating user needs into meaningful solutions.

This workshop can be of an interest to someone who is interested in design driven innovation or design thinking.

You can RSVP here.

This workshop is conducted in English and Cantonese.

We will have more in-depth courses on design thinking coming up this summer. Check out our website in coming weeks to learn more.

Biography of facilitators

Aditya Kedia

Aditya is strategic designer driven by a passion to create delightful user experience through design intervention. He has been active in helping individuals and organizations to develop a human-centric mindset for problem-solving using Design Thinking methods. Currently, he is working as a researcher and lecturer at school of design, Hong Kong polytechnic university and has worked with few startups. He has also organized several design jams, meetups and mentored at Startup weekend and do regular workshops to engage design and startup community.

Ellen Timothy Wong

Ellen is currently as a freelance User Experience Analyst. She has worked for companies such as Wisers, Haymarket Media Ltd., StartJG HK and DesignerCity, and has participated in designing the User Experiences of some of internet business projects such as E-learning Platform, Government News Search System, Asia Financial News Platform, Dubai Airport website and Bank Future Experience Service. She is currently as the member of IxDA HK (Interaction Design Association Hong Kong) and active in helping to promote user experience events in local market.



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