Good Lab interview with Cardiac Guard team

Have you noticed the recent rise of wearable devices? How about a wearable for the elderly which monitors their health and connects the patients to their family in case of emergency? That’s exactly what Cardiac Guard is up to. Good Lab member Tim Lui founded a company called Heartisans, which develops Cardiac Guard. He is later joined by Jacky and Sang, which makes a good team of complementary skills. Read on to learn more about their stories.

The Cardiac Guard team

Can you tell us what it is that you are working on?

We are currently working on developing a consumer wearable device that provides 24/7 automatic monitoring, analysis and call-to-actions to improve users cardiac health. One of the key features is that in the event of any irregularities in heart rhythm the device can automatically notify the user’s family and emergency services if necessary.

Why is this important?

There are 190,000 patients in Hong Kong diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, this number goes much higher if you look at the US, which is at 84m. All three of us in the team have family members who suffer or have suffered from this disease. So it is very personal to us.

The population is ageing in a lot of places, which will result in more people with cardiovascular problems. We hope our “early detection, early response” approach would add value in enabling individuals to focus on improving their cardiac health.

Who will benefit from using this product?

This is a good question. Well of course heart disease patients will be the main beneficiaries, but their family members will benefit as well, because early detection makes early response possible, which will reduce the likelihood of dying from an emergency such as sudden cardiac arrest.

The concept watch, available for pre-order at the Cardiac Guard website

What makes your product distinguishable from the rest in the market?

There are quite a number of existing wearable tech products that measures your heart rate, but all of them are designed for sports use, not for patients with heart disease. What’s more, it is the changing patterns in resting heart rate over time that matters more to these patients. That’s why we came up with a design that caters to the need of these users.

We will make a wearable watch that monitors your heartbeat, which connects to an app running on your mobile phone. You can see the changing pattern of your heart rate and get medical recommendations from our registered doctors.

Also we are very focused on the user experience of the device, so we are working hard to improve the battery life – so the user does not have to worry about charging the device everyday.

How do you plan to produce the product?

We are currently in talks with both hardware consultants and potentially looking into partnering with Cambridge Consultants to produce the product.

What has been the main challenge so far?

Getting the message and the picture out is our main challenge. We want our vision heard and hope our recently launched website could help people understand our work better.


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