Building Sustainable Social Enterprises – a talk by Brodie McColluch

Running a social enterprise is hard, yet more difficult is to keep it afloat in difficult times.

We have the pleasure of inviting Brodie McColluch to come to Good Lab and share with us his experiences with helping the growth of the social enterprise movement in Australia.

Brodie is founder of SpaceCubed, a network of Coworking, Collaboration and Innovation Spaces and Communities across Western Australia. These spaces have been co-designed with the communities that use them, with a mix of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Changemakers who want to get their idea off the ground.

Brodie is also managing director of Social Innovation in Western Australia, which was started to support people coming up with solutions for some of the big challenges Australia and the World are set face.

RSVP for the event now on the Good Lab website!


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