Gifts that Empower for this Christmas

The season of jingles is back again! Christmas is in the air, and just the smell of holiday spirit is everywhere we go.

Here at the Good Lab, you can always feel when holidays are near, as the office either gets VERY hectic… or very quiet. Over the last few weeks, our teammates Enkar and Ronald have also been working exceedingly hard to put together our Christmas Marketplace x Sharefest next weekend!

Following our tradition of having an open house style marketplace, this time, we’ve decided to take it up a notch- by pairing it with a Sharefest!

Not only will you have the chance to check out the wonderful products and ideas that our start ups are working on, you’ll also have the chance to take part in our various activities & experience the Sharefest spirit!

As a sneak peak to the kinds of products you’ll find at our marketplace, we’ve put together our top 4 list of Gifts that Empower for this Christmas to make shopping this year, that much better!

1) Pickled Roselle with Longan Fruit Honey by Good Family Farm

Organically grown, freshly picked, and made with love by our friends over at Good Family Farm, the Pickled Roselle with Longan Fruit Honey is definitely not to be missed this year! Tangy with a touch of sweetness by the honey, this product can be eaten as a light snack, or seeped in hot water as a soothing tea for a cosy afternoon. Check out their dried Roselle whilst you’re at it too, they make for a wonderful pick-me-up tea on a dreary winter afternoon!

2) Upcycled Coin Bags from 團結‧升級再造車衣合作社

Ever wondered what could be done with the packaging of rice bags, or with the fabric of broken umbrellas?

Look no further than our marketplace! Brought to you by seamstresses with over decades of experience in the textile industry, our friends at 團結‧升級再造車衣合作社 take in broken umbrellas for their fabric, and then resew them into these lovely waterproof coin purses and bags.

3) Kimature Skincare Line Products

As most ladies (myself included) know, finding the right skin care products is HAAARD. Not only do you have to first take years to figure what ‘skin type’ you are (irritated and fed up is probably the correct type), you then have to take hours trying to decipher through all the bottles, brands and options, that all promise somehow a magic that really you know doesn’t exist in the real world. (i.e- brightening, oil controlling, moisturizing, deep-cleaning, exfoliating, whitening, tightening etc… all in one.) After finally settling on a product that is both a) visually appealing to you b) won’t cost an arm and leg, you flip over the bottle, only to realize that you have NO IDEA what half these CHEMICALS are in the cream! Being the eco-friendly and savvy lady you are, you shudder and retreat, wincing at the thought of slathering unknown chemical products on your face.

Well, have no fear anymore! For this year’s marketplace, we’ve brought you our very local brand- Kimature. Made with organic ingredients freshly grown in Hong Kong, Kimature creates skincare products that utilize natural herbs found in Chinese Medicine, such as Mugwort, which, despite it’s Harry Potter-esque name, actually has fantastic healing properties for soothing irritated and inflamed skin.

Kimature has a fantastic and extensive skincare line, ranging from Coffee Coconut handsoap (which we’ve been test using at the Good Lab with raving reviews) to Organic motherwort facial deep cleansing milk. (Motherwort was noted as a favorite ingredient of ancient empress Wu Zetian, who was said to have preserved her good looks well into old age…)


4) Elegant Life Hong Kong Handmade Soaps

In recent years there’s been a new trend of artisanal soaps coming back, and so of course, we’ve got something for you in this field too! These soaps from Elegant Life Hong Kong are bound to make everything better after a long day’s worth of work. 100% handmade in Hong Kong, there’ll a selection of soaps for all skin types waiting for you! So pamper yourself and a loved one next weekend at our marketplace!

See you all then, and don’t forget to register here for the marketplace x sharefest!!

xx Eppie



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