Who reports Good Lab?

Good Lab is on magazines! 

雜誌看到 Good Lab 的訪問!

In September 2015, our interview was shown on Art and Culture @ Hong Kong, organized by Hong Kong Economic and Trade and Cultural Office. It is an introduction of co-working spaces in Hong Kong.

2015年9月,香港經濟貿易文化辦事處的《藝行@香港》刊物訪問Good Lab,介紹本地的共同工作空間。

Good Lab media coverage


Media Info

Also, in December 2015, Hong Kong Echo Magazine, a publication of the The French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong, published an in-depth interview of Good Lab.

在2015年12月,法國工商總會刊物 Hong Kong Echo Magazine 刊登Good Lab訪問。

A special focus is our tri-sector workshop, which ‘sees the convergence of senior civil servants, business leaders, academic institutions and NGOs all attending to learn about social innovation and engage in effective cross-sector communication’. We do design thinking, which ‘provokes participants to take multiple perspectives into account when looking at a certain issue’.

其中一個重點是推介我們的跨界工作坊,「匯合高級公務員、商界領袖、學界和非政府組織,學習社會創新和參與跨界溝通」。我們一同進行設計思考designer thinking,「讓參加者體會易地而處,從不同角色思考議題」。

When asked about where we can find social innovation ideas, our COO Kelvin Cheung replies that it ‘can come from an internal network of people who use new ways to tackle new or old problems. They may not use business principles, for it could be solely based on relationships and communities’. It has a role to play in channeling capital to the betterment of all, rather than enriching the very few.

究竟如何尋找社會創新點子?Good Lab的營運總裁張凌瀚回答,主意「來自一群願意用新方法解決新舊問題的人。商業方法只是其中之一個手段,甚至不用,因為在人際關係和社區也可找到。」社會創新有效引領資本造福全社會,而不單單讓小撮人受惠。


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