Who reports Good Lab?

Good Lab is on magazine and online media! 

《號外》《香港01》均於2016年1月刊登Good Lab創辦人黃英琦訪問,主題是探討香港如何落實共享理念。

City Magazine and HK01 published Ada Wong’s interview in two reports respectively. Our founder proposed plenty of ways to practice the spirit of sharing.

號外 Jan 2016

訪問刊於《號外》雜誌2016年1月號。The January 2016 issue in City Magazine.

《號外》訪問還提及Good Lab去年12月舉行的「好概念市集 x 共享節」。Ada指出,人欠缺信任,法律追不上時代,是實現共享經濟的難題。她希望香港最終出現共住(co-living),「改變人與人之間的冷漠和疏離感」,長者將會是受惠共享經濟的一群。

The interview in City Magazine covered the ‘Good Marketplace X Sharefest’ in December. She hopes c0-living can happen in our city, to eliminate indifference and estrangement. The elderly will be an important beneficiary group.


圖片來源:香港01 Source: HK01.


In the HK01‘s interview, Ada suggested how sharing can glue our neighbors:


“Connect people, make use of their effort, and even re-fabricate community network. Even a housewife can contribute a lot! Ada told us an app made overseas, which is very helpful to single person. Families can post food menus in the app and invite singles to join the meal. The singles can enjoy freshly-made food, while being connected with their neighbours. This is where forms trust."


Also, the report interviewed Albert, one of the organizers of car-pooling facebook page. He thought car-pooling can kick off many community links. He told some examples: ‘For example one of our members got his car broken down. He sought help in our page, and got reply. Other examples include inviting members to have late-night snack, and later found out they had the same ride before. They also met each other to donate clothes, collected old clothes and drove to recycling center."


Just checked facebook, these car-pooling pages got blossomed everywhere in Hong Kong. Happy car-pooling!





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