Who reports Good Lab?

Good Lab is on HKET and Job Market! 

Good Lab 早前接受了兩家媒體訪問,報導在八月刊登了!

Good Lab was interviewed by two local media. The reports have been published!

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《經濟日報》報導於2016年8月8日刊登。The report by Hong Kong Economic Times was published on August 8, 2016.

《經濟日報》採訪了內地銀杏基金會秘書長林紅,了解「銀杏夥伴」計劃如何支持內地社會創業家個人生活和公益事業發展。Good Lab Blog 也記下林紅來 Good Lab 的分享會記錄。報導還訪問了 Good Lab創辦人黃英琦,以及董事兼「黑暗中對話」(香港)創辦人張瑞霖,簡介成為社會創業家的條件。

Hong Kong Economic Times interviewed LIN Hong, CEO of the Ginkgo FoundationShe shared the idea behind the Ginkgo Fellow Program: to support social entrepreneurs and build a sustainable community is more important than supporting their projects. Good Lab Blog recorded her sharing in June. The report included our founder Ada Wong, and director and founder of Dialogue in the Dark Patrick Cheung, on criteria of social entrepreneurs.


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《JobMarket》的報導於2016年8月19日刊登。The report by JobMarket was published on August 19, 2016.

第二篇來自求職雜誌《JobMarket》。該期專題探討創業者承著共享平台興起帶來的商機,同時協助解決社會問題。Good Lab推動共享經濟理念,並鼓勵政府和大型機構推動開放數據及釋放閒置空間,並調整法例,共享經濟活動自然會發展起來。

The second one is from a magazine for recruitment JobMarket. The cover story of the August 19 issue was the business and social impact after the rise of sharing platforms. Good Lab has been advocating for the idea of sharing economy for long. In the interview, we pointed out that a thriving sharing economy requires the government and large enterprises to open up their data and release idle space, as well as law reform.



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