Good Lab updates(Jan 2017)

Welcome to 2017!  Before we surge into the new year, let’s take a look back on the last month of 2016 and what we’ve been up to at the Good Lab!  

December 2016 was certainly not a quiet month for us, and while our team looked forward to some down time, it was only until the final week before Christmas did things start to calm down.  The month started off with our last Tri sector Leadership Program of the year.  Led by Ada, the program brought together over 35 members of civil society, business and government to be inspired around the topic of Ageing and through design thinking, create ideas that can cater to this growing demographic.HSBC project Right after this, Kelvin, Jamie and two other facilitators spent a week with HSBC on their Accelerated Development Program as facilitators.  We were put up in the lovely Marriott Courtyard in Shek Mun for a week, but we hardly saw our hotel rooms as we worked with three selected social enterprises (Rooftop Republic, HohoLife and Longevity Design House) in providing strategic insights and practical toolkits to further their mission and impact.

If this wasn’t enough, right after the end of HSBC, on the same time, we capped off our week with the final pitches from first
Henderson Social Innovation Classroom cohort.  Great ideas came from their investigations and interactions in Shum Shui Po over 6 weeks, a further report can be found here.

We finished the ‘working month’ with providing a design thinking introduction workshop for Unreasonable Labs first cohort in Hong Kong.   Then the three day celebration started to what has been an extremely busy, exhausting but fulfilling year at the Good Lab for the team.  It first started with our member’s night potluck, where we experienced a feast of over 40 dishes from various members and friends from Hong Kong.  Then came our annual team dinner and secret Santa gift exchange.  We then decided that after all that eating we needed to do some exercise.  The day after the buffet, our team took the day off to have a team building day, visiting Growing Smart’s permaculture farm on Peng Chau.  We split bamboo to make fences, made sauerkraut and understood more about the beautiful and wonderful world of sustainable farming.  Some of us after Peng Chau then went off to the year end party for Poly U’s Goodseed program, where there was a great crowd, good drinks and lively ‘French’ games to get everybody chatting from So in So Good.


Now well-ish rested, the Good Lab team is looking forward to 2017 and our already quite full calendar of programs and events that we have lined up for the new year.  We hope to see you soon in the Good Lab, at one ofour talks, programs, or just coming over to have a coffee with one of our members!



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