Good Lab updates (Feb 2017)

Welcoming in the year of the Rooster, we would like to update you on what’s been going on at the Good Lab with our team and members!

To start off this year, we’ve got some new faces! 

We have Justice Centre ,Easy Care, American Venture, IceRed, Ednovators in our community recently.We met new teams and had a Valentine’s day sweet treat from Justice Centre!


As we welcome our new members, what we’re excited about is the experience they bring from their field, and we look forward to collaborations between our members and programs.

In terms of programs, Cohort 2 of Henderson Social Innovation Classroom just launched at the start of February.  Starting off with some team building with the aid of MicroForests and some Lego, we look forward to the ideas that they’ll come out with to tackle social issues in the community. henderson-lego-2

At the start of February we also launched our new workshop, Intergenerational Dialogue.  The workshop revolved around the question “What is the young generation thinking these days and how do we understand them and support them?’  The objective of the day was to help decision makers within organisations and companies build better connections with their younger staff and stakeholders, The day involved lots of heart to heart sharing between participants and various young entrepreneurs, activists and leaders in the field.  It was a great day out, with visits to the ‘offices’ of some of these young people, including a book stall in a wet market, and an organic waste recycling centre in Sheung Shui.  We’re already planning our second session of this later in the year, so if you’re interested in this topic, do get in touch with us.


That’s all for now!  We hope you had a great Chinese New Year and look forward to seeing you in one of our workshops or programs!



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