Good Lab Updates (Mar 2017)


There have been many events at the Good Lab this past month, here are some of the highlights!With Prolink moving in, we are now totally filled up Hub A!  In lunch time,Hub B is now very vibrant and we love the multicultural and collaborative atmosphere here.

For programs, our second cohort of Henderson Social Innovation Classroom kicked off on Feb 10th.A diverse and passionate group of Hong Kongers came together to understand social innovation and design thinking, applying the human-centric approach to talk about social issues with residents in the neighbourhood.  New insights were gained, and we’re looking forwards to the solutions they come up with in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 10.53.25

We celebrated Yung Ze(蓉姐)’s birthday this month as well.  If you don’t know Yung Ze, along with Ah Wah, they are the two ladies that work so hard to keep Good Lab tidy.  Yung Ze also makes a mean soya sauce and sesame chicken wing. Last year, she launched her own greeting card line in the Good Lab, solving all our last minute gift card problems!DSC_6562.JPG

Over the next couple months, we’re also co-hosting a series of talks with GagaStore on the Sharing Hong Kong 2017.  We’ve got some exciting speakers lined up, including Eddie Chu Hoi-dick on March 16th.  There are still a few tickets remaining, which can be obtained here.

Looking ahead in 2017, we’re really excited about all that is going on from our various members in the Good Lab.  


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