Position: Agents of Social Intrapreneurship and Innovation

Agents of Social Intrapreneurship and Innovation

The Good Lab is Hong Kong’s first social innovation consultancy and co-working space. We are a community of changemakers by providing capacity building courses and experimentation opportunities for the development of innovative ideas to benefit society.

We ignite interest and encourage collaboration between sectors to solve complex social and environmental problems through our Social Innovation Academy. We are founded by 7 key players in the Hong Kong Social Innovation ecosystem who offer experience, knowledge and support to our platform: Dialogue Experience, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make A Difference Institute, Social Enterprise Summit, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Education for Good and Solutions On Wheels.

Leveraging on our expertise across the sectors of business, civil society and government, we are increasingly collaborating with leading organisations in Hong Kong, supporting them in the journey of creating change within their companies, so they can better serve their customers and society as a whole.

We are looking for passionate individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their previous positions and are keen to use their experience in helping organisations through a journey of discovery and change. An understanding of how businesses, charities, or the government (pick one, or more!) are run is an asset, as the task is to guide them on a process of change as a team member and not as an external consultant. Applicants should not be afraid of getting their hands dirty, and be totally invested in supporting the client in overcoming the challenges along the way.

We are looking for full-time positions and part-time positions for this post.

Job Duties

– Design and implement programs based on the clients needs, in topics such as enabling intrapreneurship, service and product service, and tri-sector collaboration.
– Facilitate established workshops and programs for clients of the Good Lab.
– Guide clients on a journey of innovation, using methods such as service design or human-centric design. Lean start-up, business model canvas, and other approaches can also be used.

– Associate Degree or Degree Holder preferred.
– At least 3 years of working experience.
– Proficient in spoken and written English and Cantonese. Mandarin would be a plus.
– Proficient computer skills in MS Office.
– Excellent communication skills and social skills
– Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment .
– Highly self-motivated, multi-task oriented, and organized.


Interested candidates please send CV and cover letter to Ms. Tse Etienne <financeadmin@goodlab.hk>




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