Good Lab Updates (June 2017)

Over the past month, it’s been getting hotter.  Summer is coming, so you know what the means – interns!  Every summer, many of our companies welcome interns from the Hong Kong universities and abroad as well.  At the Good Lab, we welcome Katie, Tim, Amber, Marcus, and Kelman.

intern photo

After months of planning, Good Lab x Yan Oi Tong’s Tuen Mun Youth Space (青年夢工場) formally kicked off on a hot June weekend.  This is a three year partnership in the community, empowering the local youth people to co-create new services and solutions for the community.  One of the most exciting things is that it will bring together several partners to make this possible in the community, including H.K.S.K.H. Tuen Mun Integrated Service Centre, HKYWCA, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong Red Cross, IVE (Tuen Mun), Seventh-Day Adventists Shan King Estate Children and Youth Services Centre and Yan Oi Tong.

For those who have missed the Launch Day in June, there is another one coming up in July. Grab your last chance to sign up here.

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Our director Ada Wong was also on camera at the Good Lab, being interviewed on a piece on the Sharing Economy on TVB (Part 1  , Part 2 ). The program talked to other companies, such as GoBee.BikeBy The Way – 街坊泥鯭Gaifong, 全民速遞 & Good Lab. You have to watch the program to know what was on it.   Of course there has been a lot of controversy around Uber these days, whatever happens there, we believe the the sharing economy will continue to have it’s disruptive effect on how we live, work and interact with each other in the future.  Indeed, it’s been at the Good Lab where many sharing economy companies have actually got their start.  To know more about what the sharing economy means to you in your workplace, join us for our one day immersive workshop here on 7 July (Details ).

On May 17th, we also got involved in helping run a crowdfunding event in Admiralty called Filanthropy.  Over one night, the crowd was able to raise an amazing $75,000 for three worthwhile organisations, with help from the ERM foundation for some match funding, Simmons and Simmons for an event location, and the House of Fine Wines for some awesome refreshments as well.  A full write up of the event can be found here.

It’s getting hot in June, so make sure you take your own water with you when you go out to avoid using plastic bottles!



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