Good Lab updates (July 2017)

June has been absolutely packed!  Literally!  We said it was going to be packed, and it was.  An army of interns from all across the world descended into the Good Lab, increasing productivity of many organisations along the way.  As Good Lab, we definitely felt we got a lot more done!  Thanks Tim, Amber, Marcus, Kelman and Katie who joined our team.

We’ve been busy with lots of back to back trainings on innovation and design thinking for social change this month.  We worked with the Boys and Girls Association of Hong Kong on training up their social workers on creating community projects through design thinking.  We also launched our collaboration with Yan Oi Tong in Tuen Mun called Youth Space.  In addition, we had some fun with Covestro on an innovation workshop, which was a lot of fun as it involved making a ‘company portrait’ with 180+ Lego figures!!!  If you’re a company looking to ignite your staff with the spirit of entrepreneurship, please give us a shout and we’ll love to discuss how we can help you make that happen.

It’s been a hot summer, so we’ve also welcomed our newest member, Mr. Well#!!  Mr. Well# is actually Urban Spring’s new water fountain.  It’s really cool as it will count how many plastic bottles you’re saving by using it.  The water is filtered and pumped in from the main supplies, and best of all, it’s soooo much faster than our old one, leading to happier, more hydrated members over all!

As for our members, on June 20, Justice Centre held a public viewing of a photo exhibition in celebration of World Refugee Day.  #SharedPasts is a storytelling project, the result of a collaboration between Justice Centre Hong Kong and renowned photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani. The exhibition explores the stories of descendants of refugees, as well as people currently seeking protection in Hong Kong. The individual stories share a similar theme; a common narrative of resilience and survival in the face of persecution and conflict.  A powerful narrative, and if you missed it, you can catch up on it here.

As well, Dialogue Experience has just launched their 2nd cohort of DE Empower, providing workplace opportunities for people of differences.   Innopower @ JC by Ednovators just wrapped up their first cohort of their teaching fellows as well!   Now the teachers will go back into their schools to implement an innovative activity.  Wish them well!



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