Good Lab updates (Aug 2017)

At the Good Lab, July continued to be a bustling month, with an army of interns from almost every company, Hub B was constantly full with team meetings, lunch time catch ups, and exhausted interns taking a nap on our bean bags!

While lots of things happened, there were two exciting events in our recollection, and a big move by one of our long time members!  Read on…!

In July, we also started our Community Lab, which was inspired by the Social Lab from MaD.   The program focuses on Ethnic Minorities Living in Sham Shui Po. We’re working in collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force, to better understand the ethnic minority community in the neighborhood and to create a more empathetic and inclusive society.  A commitment group of Hong Kong’s finest started with a great lecture from Prof Maria Tam from CUHK on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.  Do you know that HKU was actually established with the generous funding offered by an Indian named  Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody?  We then had a great human library session with young people from various cultures who grew up in Hong Kong.  It’s still early days, so stay tuned!  If you would like to find out more, please contact Jamie.

This year, the MaD Forum by Make a Difference Institute rescheduled from January to July.  Sorry if you missed it!  To recap, there were three great speakers from different very innovative organizations that benefited their cities, youth and retired people with design thinking.

Check out the amazing speakers and relive the moments here.

Noriko Deno from studio-L from Japan had this quote regarding community led solutions, “We cannot rescue the community, we need the community to rescue the community. We help them to identify their social issue, and get them involved in the solutions.”

We hosted a session in MaD forum-  Asian Changemakers Jam and gathered innovators around the globe to share social innovations delivered in their communities. This year, there were 6 Mandarin-speaking teams and 7 English-speaking teams participating in the event at the Good Lab. We had a wonderful night and Asian Changemakers Jam was not only an eye-opening experience for innovators, but also a valuable chance for MaDees to expand their professional network.

Just like that, August’s heat wave is here.  Many people have decided to take some rest with their family, so we wish everyone a pleasant summer!

Speaking of family, one of our founding members, Education for Good will be transitioning to their own premises in September in Lai Chi Kok called DreamVentures.  We’ll be having a celebration event with them, which is on 25 Aug (Friday), please contact us if you can make it!




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