Learn from Errors and Make New Trials: Trial and Error Lab

(by Gessy, Good Lab intern)


失敗乃成功之母 ”Failure is the mother of Success”. We’ve been taught this phrase since primary school. But when society does not let you fail, how will you ever succeed?


Noticing the vibrant ideas that remain hidden amongst the young generation because of society’s disapproval, the Trial and Error Lab was established last year. From its name, you could probably guess that the Trial & Error lab is a co-working space for young people aged 18-35, to test out ideas that they may have, and to explore if their interests could potentially be a plausible career pathway. After running a pilot program lasting 150 days, they have now expanded to having 8 “fellows” who have their own desks, and a few others who come at more flexible hours (usually after their part-time/full-time job) to work on their own ideas.

The lab is run by “管理員”, superintendents who help fellows with administration work, providing them with necessary assistance. Most importantly, they are their companions on this new and adventurous journey. “It is a mutual learning experience”, says Gigi, one of the superintendents. “I’m really impressed with the ideas and the creativity young people have, and the way they connect themselves with the society”


I too, was impressed. As the scorching days of summer pass away, crisps of yellow and red will soon land among us. Have you ever noticed, these dry and withered leaves? Do you ever wonder where they come from? Do they prepare for their fall? Li Sum Yuet is a vibrant girl who enjoys sketching, she would gather withered leaves and sketch them. The more she drew, the more she noticed that each leave had their own personality, that was how she started to relight the seemingly lifeless leaves, giving each and one of them a story. The three leaves you see below, are enjoying life while putting on a paper mask, rehydrating their skin.

(李心悅 Li Sum Yuet)


I shared with her my childhood experience of collecting leaves, but never thought of drawing them out as I considered myself more talented in other areas. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “I think ‘talent’ is only defined by those around you.” She shared with me her unique insight that one’s left hand (for right-handers) can be more capable than one’s right hand. “Your left hand is not used to writing and drawing, and the rough and rugged lines that it draws is something that your right hand cannot produce.” Indeed, the lines we consider nice and perfect are those that are smooth and straight, but if only we see these standards differently, our uncoordinated left hand can be just as artistic! Sum Yuet does not stop there, “sometimes, even the lines drawn by my left hand is not impressive enough, so I draw while taking the bus or minibus, when it is rough and bumpy.” Bearing this belief, she hopes to encourage more people to express themselves through art, and not be limited by their so-called lack of talent.


Speaking of limitations, have you ever been “limited” by your “I-don’t-wanna-get-out-of-bed” mode? Only human, Nicole resonates with most of us. This was her inspiration for one of her illustrations that she posts weekly on social media. Instead of having breakfast-in-bed, the fictional character Nicole is comfortably tucked in bread, with bacon as bed sheets and resting her head on soft scrambled eggs. The designs Nicole create stem from daily experiences, and depicts the inner feelings that people have. She hopes to publish a book, in which her light-hearted and colourful design can be explained with words, reminding people the bitterness of reality behind these cute and joyful designs. Ask her about her future plans, but she does not have a long-term goal yet. Having only been at the trial and error lab for 2 weeks, Nicole hopes to keep exploring her options.

(早餐新選擇 Nicole.says)


Trial and Error lab allows mistake, it is a place for you to try, to test your design, your product, the demand, the price etc. It is not for everyone. It is only for those who are brave enough to take risks. Those, who are passionate enough to take their passion and venture out into the unknown. Those, who are true to themselves.




Trial and Error Lab
TeL:2632 0742
Address: 1/F, Breakthrough Centre, 191 Woo Sung Street, Jordan, Kowloon

Young artists who share the co-working space includes:

Sea Glass Jewelry 852
Piece of Treasure
無茶苦茶 Muchakucha
l’atelier de bon
手作J – 橡皮印章
Nothinglastsforever Craft
Calli et Fleur
Ametea x little pro-tato
Nicole Says
水木研社 somoodstudio
Grew from Hands





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