Good Lab updates (Sept 2017)

In August, we said goodbye to our last interns as they headed back to school.  Thanks Marcus, Tim, Amber, Gessy, Kelman and Vivian!  If you miss them, don’t worry, some of them will come back working for us as part time, or be guest columnists on our website.  They’ve interviewed lots of our members, check out our latest member’s stories in social innovation on our blog.

On the community side, we led a collaboration between the Hong Kong Police Force and the Good Lab, learning by going through the community of ethnic minorities of Shum Shui Po.  With moms and young people as tour guides, the Police learnt about the streets they have passed by so many times, but from a totally different viewpoint.  The aim is to understand more from the eyes of those they are serving and protecting.  Many stories, laughs, and insights were shared. The program wraps up in September with a sharing and ideation workshop.

At the start of September, Alexa, our project manager, also had the privliege of being accepted into the Young Leaders Program at the Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT).  For two weeks in September, Alexa will join a cohort with members from other non-profits, corporates and government to tackle the question of affordable housing in Hong Kong.  Kelvin, our COO, attended the 2015 cohort and  highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great leadership learning experience.

jamie dinner

Lastly, we say Good bye to a valued teammate of our team.  Jamie Zhan has served at the Good Lab for the past two years, and will be moving on to another company in September.  We wish her alll the best in the next stage of her social innovation journey, and welcome her back to the Good Lab as a family member!



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