Project manager to support and lead an exciting array of social innovation projects



What we do

The Good Lab is Hong Kong’s first Social Innovation hub. We build a community of changemakers by providing capacity building courses and experimentation opportunities for the development of innovative ideas.

We ignite interest and encourage collaboration between sectors to solve complex social and environmental problems through our Social Innovation Academy. We are founded by 7 key players in the Hong Kong Social Innovation ecosystem who offer experience, knowledge and support to our platform: Dialogue Experience, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make A Difference Institute, Social Enterprise Summit, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Education for Good and Solutions On Wheels.

The Good Lab is also a co-working space for social innovators in Hong Kong. Companies such as HoFCu, Ohmykids, Ednovators, Juven, Pixel Action and DE Empower also call us home. As the first social innovation co-working space in Hong Kong, our open office space provides a comfortable and well networked community for members to grow their mission impact.

Good Lab provides both free and paid events and courses to inspire the public to become changemakers. We have hosted workshops on education innovation, sharing economy, and in collaboration with UnLtd Hong Kong and the Social Enterprise Summit, we have hosted HK Jam, a one day unconference celebrating the entrepreneurship of the young people who made Hong Kong a better place to live.

We also hold workshops for all sectors that want to know more about the latest developments from around the world, such as tri-sector social innovation workshops, Design Thinking, Shared Value workshops, the Sharing Economy and what it means for business, Youth innovation and Innovation in Public Space.

Why we do

To create equitable and sustainable solutions for the future, we must first equip ourselves with the knowledge and be aware of the interventions that have and have not worked in the past. If we are to create a better world, we must make sure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past and also find allies along the way to create our vision of tomorrow.

We bring in thought leaders and shapers that are challenging the status quo, and through open respectful dialogue, educate, equip and inspire action in our society.

How we do

Over the past four and a half years, Good Lab has been the home for social innovation in Hong Kong. Embodying the spirit of collaboration at the heart of our work, Good Lab stands at the intersection between Government, Businesses and Social Impact organizations, working to build dialogue, strengthen capacity and co-creating new innovations.

We provide training, consultancy and programs to corporates, NGOs and governments. We are a thought leader on a variety of issues, including community revitalization, education, co-housing, shared value, youth and social entrepreneurship ecosystem development.

Our founding members include Dialogue Experience, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Make a Difference Institute, Social Enterprise Summit, Education For Good, and Solution on Wheels.

Good Lab is where minds and ideas meet and where socially innovative and sustainable ideas are incubated, prototyped and launched.


Join us to help make Hong Kong a better place for everyone.

We are looking for a project manager to support and lead an exciting array of social innovation projects next year.

Working with a small team, we are looking for a candidate that doesn’t only want to sit at a computer all day. The main duties are to co-create, manage and facilitate the projects in the community with support from the Good Lab team. You will be exposed to a variety of challenging opportunities, arranging bespoke and engaging programs for clients and coordinating dialogue between multiple stakeholders in communities. You’ll get to understand, learn and visit parts of Hong Kong you never knew existed and get a multifaceted understanding of the complex issues in Hong Kong and attempt to curate experiences that will create solutions for them.

‘I learned more in my first two months at the Good Lab than I did for a whole year in my last job’ Quote from a current team member.

Job Duties
• Manage projects from planning to execution.
• Assist in the co-creation of social innovation projects, field work and related activities.
• Be in contact with our partners, different stakeholders, clients and community organizations.
• Be responsible for the administrative and logistical aspects of the projects.
• Support the senior management with projects and events, support other Good Lab functions when required.

• A minimum three years’ experience in project management.
• Experience in community services, social enterprise, or related sectors would be an advantage.
• Experience in civil society would be a benefit.
• Good written and spoken English and Chinese.
• Demonstrate ability to juggle multiple work priorities.
• Have a service mentality, be responsible, dependable, organised and have an attention to detail.
• Team player with the ability to take initiatives and self-motivated.
• Be able to work on weekends and work on flexible hours.


Interested applicants please send your CV with current and expected salary to


Data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only and personal data of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed after 12 months.



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