Good Lab Community Sundays!


As the summer is heating up, we know it’s always hard to find a quiet and cool space for you and your community to come together and hang out.  Since 2012, we’ve been serving as a place for meetups and gatherings, with many community projects and social businesses being started from just a cup of tea with a friend.  That’s why we’re introducing Community Sundays, Good Lab’s way of helping people come together in the blistering heat of the Hong Kong summer.

For the next 3 months (June to August 2018) as a pilot, we’re going to be opening up our Hub B, which has lots of open spaces, tables, bean bags, and lots of coffee and tea that will provide you and your friends a place to come together, relax, and share ideas.

Do you need a space to get together with your society, charity, or group of social change makers? Look no further!  

Some rules and restrictions apply, see below for more details!

To make this an inclusive and open space that can be shared, we ask that before you come, to see if your group is eligible.

  • Opening times for Community Sundays is 10 am until 9 pm each Sunday.  Please check our Facebook for latest times and updates.
  • As you and your guests come in, please notify our staff at the door. The group organiser that should leave their name, organisation and contact number/email at reception for registration purposes. 
  • This offer is not open to groups that are using the space to make a profit (e.g. tutoring, to run a paid class, etc).  If you are, we ask you enquire about our very affordable room rentals.
  • The space provided is only for meetings. Any events related to electioneering and related activities are not allowed.
  • This offer is open to groups of no more than 10 people, and we ask you limit each meeting to 3 hours or less.  If you need it for more time or you have more than 10 people, again, please see about renting one of our rooms.
  • Please keep the noise level down as not to disturb other groups that might be using the space as well.  No videos, music or live opera singing please!
  • If there are other groups there as well, say hi, and be friendly!  You might even make new friends and find new collaborations!
  • While we welcome you to bring lunch and snacks, please keep the area tidy for all to enjoy.
  • This offer is only available when our Hub B is not booked for a private event.  Check our Facebook page in advance for the latest updates.
  • We reserve the right to ask groups to leave if we see the community rules are not being observed.
  • We’re running Community Sundays as a non-profit initiative.  Please do understand that there are daily operating costs that are incurred. Please do consider as you use the space, as a group or as an individual, to donate what you think is fair for your use of the space.
  • Should there be any damages caused by the usage of the space, Good Lab will document the incident and reserve all our rights to charge the user for the repair and other relevant costs.

Sign up now!

Any questions, please give us a call at 3996 1933 and ask about Community Sundays, or FB msg us!



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