• 促進不同行業背景的人士走在一起,達成合作,開創對社會有意義的事業
  • 匯聚了致力通過新方法、新思路解決問題的人和機構,努力推動公民社會、商界及政府的三方合作
  • 由五個社會創新平台共同發起,包括香港黑暗中對話、香港社會創業論壇、MaD創不同、社企民間高峰會以及香港社會創投基金;在Good Lab開幕後,仁人學社和言論自由行也進駐成為創辦機構
  • 在這裏,你有機會認識來自不同領域富有好奇心的朋友,他們可能是藝術家、設計師、創業家、律師、心理學家、廚師、攝影師、劇場工作者、教師、培訓師、工程師
  • Good Lab提供不同的課程,幫助你拓展視野,認識來自世界各地的最新理念以及最佳創業經驗


  • Facilitating cross sector collaborations and setting up of entrepreneurial ventures and projects that bring new solutions to social problems
  • A hub for people and organizations with new methods and mindsets to solve problems and foster tri-sector collaborations and social change
  • We were founded by five social innovation platforms: Dialogue in the Dark (HK), Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make A Difference, Social Enterprise Summit and Social Ventures Hong Kong. Subsequently Education for Good (EFG) and Solutions on Wheels (SOW) also became founding organizations of the Good Lab ecosystem.
  • You will meet people from different backgrounds than yours, they could be artists, designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, psychologists, chefs, photographers, teachers, facilitators, engineers and more.
  • You can also join our different courses which will help you expand your horizon and learn the best practices in creativity and entrepreneurship from around the world.



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