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The Hong Kong society is undergoing rapid ageing. What can we do about this? Here we will share stories of active ageing from home and abroad.

社會創新融入護老院 腦退化長者重拾人生

( by Tim Cheung, Intern of Good Lab)   德國德雷斯頓的一間護老 […]
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The future is already here. It is just not evenly distr […]
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今天,我們講講與「老」相關的話題。 「老」本來不是特別禁忌的話題,它是伴隨每個人從出生那一刻開始就一直在發生的 […]
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Good Lab members night: rethinking elderly care

We have heard of too many rants on the burden of an age […]
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本次社企民間高峰會有多個分組論壇,涉及教育、養老、商業與社會創新等議題。我們將選取部分題目,摘要分享與此,希望 […]
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