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社會創新融入護老院 腦退化長者重拾人生

德國德雷斯頓的一間護老院放置共產主義舊東德物件於院舍四周,幫助腦退化患者重拾記憶。 Alexa Seniors […]
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Monthly Article(May 2017):Reflections from the start of my social innovation journey

In our May newsletter, we focus on the reflections from […]
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Kelvin Cheung, COO of Good Lab, shares his thoughts after the Social Innovation classroom in Term 1

Over the past 6 weeks, a diverse group of people develo […]
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Who reports Good Lab?

Good Lab is on HKET and Job Market!  Good Lab 早前接受了兩家媒體 […]
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三個人 三位長者 三項發明 有望改變失智者一生